Harmony Day

Parade 8.50am in undercover area: - students are invited to attend school dressed in clothes that reflect their family heritage or alternatively to wear something orange to represent harmony. Last year the undercover area
was an amazing sight, aglow with orange and brightly coloured clothing.
If your child has sport on this day, can they please remember to bring appropriate clothes/footwear.
Cultural lunch 12.30pm: - the lunch siren will ring at 12.30pm and classes will move to their nominated lunch areas. To make the lunch even more special, your child’s class will be eating with their buddy class. Prior to the day, the class teacher will notify you of where they will be eating and there will also be a note on the classroom door with the location. It would be wonderful if students could please bring a plate of food to share with their class that is reflective of their family. A list of ingredients with each plate would also be helpful so we can be allergy aware (e.g. nuts). Please be mindful of the limited storage and fridge space at school. Labelling any contains, plates and cutlery that are coming to school will help make sure they get home again. Family members are very welcome to eat with the class. It was fantastic to see some grandparents join in last year.
In the interest of sustainability, could everyone who is sharing the cultural lunch please bring their own water bottle and reusable plate/cutlery to eat with. There will be a place for people to rinse off their dishes when they have finished eating.
Please note:
Year 6 classes will be at swimming lessons around lunch time so will miss the cultural lunch.
Kindy Blue and room 10 are buddy classes and will be having their cultural lunch earlier at 12noon.
Kindy Red will be having their celebrations on Wednesday March 20 with the cultural lunch taking place at 12.20pm.
Your support of our Harmony Day celebrations is greatly appreciated and we look forward to a great day celebrating that “Everyone Belongs”.