The Minister for Education and Training reiterated that continuity of education for as long as possible is best, but families are now encouraged to keep their children at home. The impact of this direction has resulted in huge adjustments for parents & carers, students and school staff. I believe it is safe to acknowledge that in this climate we will all still work together in our hearts to do the very best we can do for each other. 


The Government recognises there will still be families who need to send their children to school to continue their learning during this period. These may include:

  • Children of parents and carers who need their children to attend school to maintain employment.
  • Children who live in families with aged relatives.
  • Children where it is safer for them to be at school.

Learning programs for final week of Term 1

  • Coordinated learning programs cease on Friday 3 April for students.
  • From 6 - 9 April students attending school will be supervised but will not be provided with an individualised learning program.
  • Schools are not expected to provide work for students who are not in attendance for the balance of Term 1.

What does this look like at Mount Pleasant Primary School?


Week 10, 6 April – 9 April 2020


These are pupil free days, otherwise referred to as staff development days (SDDs). In this time our staff are engaging in professional learning and planning for Term 2, keeping education open. No student learning packages will be provided during this week.


While at home during week 10, you may access the department’s learning at home website: Students may also have work remaining from last week to complete.


Working together at MPPS this week and over the holidays, may also look like:

  • cooking and/or preparing: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks…
  • designing: paper planes, puppets, indoor cubbies, bridges, sculptures, kites…
  • imagining & creating: stories & illustrations, music, paintings, mosaics…
  • inventing: sock sport games, board games & rules, machines…
  • appreciating: movement, nature, books, art, music, dancing, each other…


It is of the upmost importance that you advise the school if you intend for your child/ren to attend in week 10 of term 1. Supervision will not be by their classroom teacher but will be in accordance to duty of care. Those students attending will be supervised in our library. 

Term Two - Week 1,  Tuesday 28 April – 1 May


By the end of Term 1, we will be fully prepared to provide a learning from home program for tthe possiible duration of Term 2 based on tthe School Curriculum and Standards Authority curiculum. 

Tuesday 28 April is no longer considered a SDD so on Tuesday 28 April all students, Kindy to Year 6, will be provided with our new online open education model.


Classroom teachers will be providing online modelled lessons and teacher support in:

  • English
  • Mathematics

Our Specialist Teachers will be providing modelled lessons and teacher support in:

  • Physical Education
  • Visual Arts
  • Music
  • LOTE – French (Y3 – Y6)
  • Additional Health (K – Y2)

Other curriculum areas will be covered in ways that best suit the year level and home context. I.e. Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Technologies may be either integrated into the delivery of English, and/or they may be the focus of STEM – project work.


Modelled lesson plans and teaching resources, whereby teachers record themselves and/or their work, remain the property of the Department of Education. These are being created by our teachers with trust, and in response to the needs of our students learning, to make their student’s learning efficient and effective. We ask students, parents and carers not redistribute or share teaching resources on social media or any other platform.


The MPPS Whole School Open Education Support Time Table is intended to provide guidance to teachers, parents & carers and students. We assume this will look different in different homes. Our model is for students to be supported by their teachers to engage in English and Mathematics, Monday to Friday.


Parents, whatever you can do is enough. Should your circumstance be that you need to adjust this timetable in your home, that is ok. We are a team!




Platforms used to communicate with our whole school will include:

Online learning and open education communications between teachers and students may be via (your classroom teacher will communicate preferences):

  • Connect
  • Webex
  • Seesaw

Students will have access to periods of teacher support between 9:10am to 12:30 each day. Specialist teachers will also make themselves available to students. We expect that different phases of learning will provide us with different challenges – we will remain reflective of and responsive to these challenges.


Teachers will also make themselves available to parents for curriculum communications. We initially encourage this to be in the form of an open and ongoing class discussion group where the teacher could monitor and respond to curriculum queries a minimum of twice a week. Personal and confidential communications should be emailed to classroom teachers with the understanding that teachers will respond within 48 hours of their rostered days.


Our Student Services Team remains available, Jenny Hogan - SAER Deputy Principal, Terri Young – School Psychologist and Wendy Anderson - School Chaplain.


We understand that transitioning to online learning platforms is new to everyone, so we will also be reflective of and responsive to how we are meeting the needs of our students and our families.


Stationery, resources and workbooks have been prepared for collection to use in Term 2. Please collect these from outside your child’s class if you have not already done so. 


We ask that upon entering the school grounds that parents remain mindful of social distancing and do not enter classrooms. Our cleaners are currently ensuring a rigorous school environment clean.


We have also been directed by the Department of Education to cordon off our play grounds to restrict community use.


As I receive more information, I will communicate with you all in a timely manner.


Once again, thank you all for support. I hope you enjoy the Easter break. Stay safe, be kind and we look forward to working together to face all our new challenges next term.


Paula Hooper

Acting Principal