A Message from Raewyn Caisley

Raewyn Caisley sent this letter to Mrs Hooper about her Author in Residence at MPPS.

Hi Mrs Hooper,
I have visited an awful lot of schools so you can believe me when I say that your school is really very special. Your staff, without exception, are exceptional. Your teachers' relationships with their students, their skills and their care are obvious and your administration staff couldn't be more helpful or professional. It's all reflected in your students of course, who were some of the most engaged I've ever come across. 
If only every school prioritised literacy like Mt Pleasant Primary. It is the key to success across all disciplines of course, the root of all learning, but beyond that it teaches empathy, promotes creativity and gives students the means to express themselves. Of course right now books are how we travel to other lands as well and the means by which we learn to see the world through each other's eyes... but I'm preaching to the converted. 
Thank you for inviting me back to your wonderful school to share Rocky and Louie.

Kind regards,
Raewyn Caisley

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