Visual Arts has been a constant and integral part of Mount Pleasant Primary School’s academic program for many years.  Traditionally our students have experienced a variety of art media and learnt skills associated with art and craft production, as well as exploring the ways visual art comments on and enhances our rich, diverse Australian culture.

This year’s programme will include both 3D and 2D activities.  Students will work with earthenware clay where they will learn to make pinch pots in junior primary and hollow forms in the middle primary grades.  The senior school will learn slab construction, as well as to design and make their own freeform sculpture.

Other 3D activities will include textiles, papier mache and mixed media collage and form.

The 2D aspect of the programme will include drawing from a variety of still life models, drawing from fantasy and drawing pictures from the child’s own imagination.  Common tools such as pencils, felt tip pens, brushes and graphite crayons will be used. However there will also be opportunities where children will be instructed and encouraged to creatively make their own mark making tools. 

Printmaking will also be included for all grades this year.

The role of visual art in society will also be discussed throughout the year as situations or interest from students arises. However deliberate instruction will be given to middle and upper school students.

Children’s work will be displayed around the school.  The hallway, school foyer, art room and the library will become exhibition areas to display students’ work and achievements so make sure you come along and have a look at all their hard work when you are at school.