The nature and scope of ICT capability is not fixed, but is responsive to ongoing technological developments. This is evident in the emergence of advanced internet technology over the past few years and the resulting changes in the ways that students construct knowledge and interact with others.

Students develop capability in using ICT for tasks associated with information access and management, information creation and presentation, problem solving, decision making, communication, creative expression and empirical reasoning. This includes conducting research, creating multimedia information products, analysing data, designing solutions to problems, controlling processes and devices and supporting computation while working independently and in collaboration with others.

Students develop knowledge, skills and dispositions around ICT and its use, and the ability to transfer these across environments and applications. They learn to use ICT with confidence, care and consideration, understanding its possibilities, limitations and impact on individuals, groups and communities.

At Mount Pleasant Primary School our students have access to laptop computers, iPads and Interactive Whiteboards.There is a class bank of computers in the library where the children are explicitly taught how to use the Public Access search engine. Throughout the school each class has four computers and the ability to access further computers which are stored in mobile trolleys.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) incursions are planned for students in 2017 to develop coding and robotic skills.


Children have access to the following internet based programs:

  • Department of Education Student Portal
  • Various educational applications on iPads
  • Bug Club Reading Program
  • Pearson Places
  • Maths Online
  • Sound Waves Program (Year Five and Six spelling program)

On the local network teachers are able to access Wordshark and Numbershark to set up programs of work for their class.