Mount Pleasant Primary School Board

The Board of Mount Pleasant Primary School (MPPS Board) remains in place as part of our school’s shift to an Independent Public School.  The current MPPS Board is comprised of 15 members: Tanya Hunter, our Principal, Joe Fasolo, Louisa Steel, Liam Rush, Michelle Marshall, Shane Highman, Jenny Hogan, Nigel Van Luinen, Sebastian Huigens, Anthony Jarvis, Craig Williums, Elliot Nicholls, Genevieve Caddy, Blair Parsons and myself (Stacey Waters).

We have placed a brief profile of each Board Member on the school’s website so you can put a name to a face and read a little more about each of us.  We will also be providing regular updates in the newsletter and on the website to keep the school community informed of what the Board is doing.

The following points are taken directly from the Board’s constitution to help clarify what the MPPS Board responsibilities include:

  • take part in establishing and reviewing the school’s objectives, priorities and policies, evaluate the school’s performance and formulate a code of conduct for the school;
  • have involvement in selecting the school principal or any other member of staff;
  • approve the fees and charges;
  • determine the dress code;
  • provide advice to the Principal relating to religious, spiritual or moral value education; and
  • promote the school in the community.

The Board will not be involved in:

  • control or day to day running of the school;
  • setting educational instruction or discussing individual teachers, staff or parents;
  • managing a school fund or borrowing or obtaining funds for the school; or
  • performance managing the Principal or any other staff member.

The Board is distinct from the P&C but the two will work closely together as several Board Members are also regular P&C Members.  The P&C will continue to support the school through fundraising as well as holding regular social events and in general, representing parents views.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the School Board, please don’t hesitate to contact Joe or myself.


Kind regards

Dr Stacey Waters

MPPS Board Chair