Contributions and Charges 2020

Contributions and Charges


Voluntary Contribution

The total amount of contributions that parents and carers are asked to pay for students at Mount Pleasant Primary School is $60.00 per child, regardless of the year they attend.  This amount is in line with the School Education Regulations 2000.

The quality of our teaching and learning program will be maximised when each family makes its contribution to the cost of supplementing funding gained from other sources, including the State and Commonwealth Governments.

It is vital that the parent community support our aim to provide a wide range of high quality teaching and learning resources for our students.


Charges for extra cost optional components

Charges apply to extra, optional components of education programs provided in Kindergarten to Year 6.  Extra cost options are specific activities such as incursions and excursions, services or facilities that schools offer students to use or take part in.  As parents choose for their child to participate in these activities, the associated charge must be paid.  Students who do not participate will be provided with an appropriate educational activity.

A breakdown of estimated charges for your child’s participation in excursions, incursions and other activities is supplied to parents at the end of the previous year.

We offer the opportunity to pre-pay items indicated as “Charges” on the Voluntary Contributions and Charges Schedule, via our program RM Billing.  Please do not pay the items marked as “Other Optional Costs” as these only apply to some students.

As Mount Pleasant Primary School encompasses the “Classroom First Strategy” we request that all money comes through the front office to take the handling of money away from the classroom teachers, allowing them more time to teach.

Thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Business Manager on 9316 1045.


2020 contributions and charges

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