Honour Certificates 2019

Congratulations to the following students who received Honour certificates in 2019:

Term 1 - Week 7

Nisith Mapa Rm1, Jazmin Greenwood Rm1, Leon Lowrey Rm2, Lucy Williams Rm2, Jade Auret Rm3, William Rusbatch Rm3, Billie Pendergrast Rm3, Christian Wee Rm4, Cooper O'Malley Rm4, Caitlyn Rummer Rm5, Xander De Felice Rm5, Beau Miles Rm7, Zoe Beer Rm7, Harrison De Felice Rm8, Taylor Smith Rm8, Jazon Tapper Rm9, Isabella Moppett Rm9, Andrew North Rm10, Isabella Lim Rm11, Jude Goldhahn Rm11, Dylan Leighton Rm12, Ethan Sharpe Rm12, Ruben Jarosek (Year) Rm13, Jack Slater (Year1) Rm13, Ophelia Lamerand Rm14, Henry Malseed Rm14, Nyla Nagra Rm16, James Stibbs Rm16, James Floyd Rm17, Lucas Baldacchino Rm17, Katelyn Spencer Rm18

Working Together Certificate Recipients

To promote the values and “working together” motto of our school.
Eve Maddern - Mrs Lund; Olivia De Felice - Mrs Anfuso; Scarlett Irwin - Mrs Anfuso; Eliza Johnston - Mrs Sparkes; Zara Fernandezx - Mrs Anfuso; Amie Glass - Mrs Anfuso; Sophia Johnson - Mrs Anfuso; Ella O'Donoghue - Ms Williams