A Message from the Principal

Welcome to 2020 at Mount Pleasant Primary School


We have all enjoyed a fantastic start to the 2020 school year. It has been such a pleasure to visit classes over the initial few days. The key thing we have noticed has been just how ready to learn our students are and how much of a wonderful effort teachers have put towards establishing routines and ensuring their students feel respected, safe and able to learn. 

Welcome back to all our existing families and an extra special welcome to those families who are new to Mount pleasant in 2020. 

A warm welcome to our existing staff. Their enthusiasm and commitment to providing the best learning opportunities to their students is exciting.  

We would also like to also extend a warm welcome to our new staff:

  • Mrs Sophia Spencer: Teacher Room 13 Pre-Primary - Monday to Friday
  • Rhonda Phillips: Education Assistant Room 13 Pre-Primary Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Ms Brooke Kinear: Teacher Room 11 Year 1/2 - Monday to Friday
  • Mrs Serrina Deas: Teacher Room 16 Year 1 - Thursday and Friday
  • Ms Tegan Seddon: Teacher Room 9 Year 3 - Monday to Friday
  • Mrs Claire Barrett: Teacher Room 8 Year 3 - Monday
  • Mr Jake Schleicher: Room 1 Year 5 - Monday to Friday
  • Mrs Emma Stevens: Room 17 Year 6 - Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Parents and the community are the heart of Mount Pleasant Primary School and are highly valued in everything they do to support students. Assisting in the canteen,  joining the P&C and becoming involved in projects and committees, assisting in classrooms and attending excursions are just a few of the ways your help makes a difference. We are looking forward to an active and productive year for all. 


The MPPS Working Together motto has been at the forefront of our preparation for the beginning of 2020. During our Staff Development Day all staff participated in Strategic, Operational and Classroom level planning. One of our sessions included a creative approach to revisiting our strategic directions. This took some of us completely out of our comfort zone, and allowed others to shine. If you would like to see our Teachers’ creation, it is on display in the Administration foyer. This project enabled all staff to work together to learn, show respect and feel safe - as we began our year celebrating the motto and values of our wonderful school. 


This year we have 20 K – 6 classes with enrolments currently at 462. Our Kindy Green group are now located in the new demountable, sharing an ECE area with Kindy Blue and Kindy Red. This has made way for a new Y1/2 class in R11.

Paula Hooper
Acting Principal